In Vitro Technologies Customer Care is committed to providing an outstanding level of service with every aspect of customer contact. The team consists of highly trained and motivated individuals with a commitment to continuous improvement ensuring that In Vitro Customer Care provides an insightful, positive experience with all facets of customer interaction. 

Who we are

In Vitro Technologies Customer Care is a group of committed, trained individuals that value every aspect of our interactions with you, our customer.  We are dedicated to continued growth and development; our procedures are continually audited both internally and externally to ensure that we meet both internal compliance and external certifications.

We value our customers and our customers’ experience and aim to provide personalised service in line with your expectations.

Customer Care standards

As part of our ‘Service Commitment’ to our customers we will;

  • Ensure all orders received by 1.00pm are dispatched same day for stocked items.
  • Provide timely and accurate advice of shipment timeframes every time via an email based order confirmation notification, ensuring you are kept continually appraised of your order status.
  • Concentrate on continuous improvement by reviewing call quality and implement on-going training and improvement strategies with the aim to go ‘above & beyond’ on every call.
  • Provide specialised customer service in all areas of the In Vitro Technologies business across the Medical, Scientific and Diagnostic channels.
  • Respond to all emails within 4 business hours.

Order through MyInVitro

Customer Care also provide an online facility - myInVitro, for customers interested in purchasing and monitoring orders online. Please contact any member of our team to discuss registration for myInVitro or refer to the user guide, available for your convenience.

If you call 0800 468 487 you can expect:

  • Our staff to be helpful and experienced, minimising response timeframes and provide correct information.
  • To be available 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday and provide an afterhours program outside of these hours to reduce response timeframes for the following business day.

Our Approach

C.A.R.E is carried throughout In Vitro Technologies, you will find this not only with our friendly Customer Care team, but also every member of our staff. We believe in leading through model behaviour, in turn we create a culture of leadership and service.

Our communication is HOT. That is – Honest; Open; and Two-way.

Accept responsibility for actions, be accountable for results, and take ownership of errors.

We believe the best way to earn respect is to give it.

We believe in self leadership, it’s our commitment to making a positive difference.

C.A.R.E. Customer service is not just a department, it’s our entire company.

Need care? Call us on 0800 468 487.

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